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Creating the Vertically Integrated Leader in Modular Timber Construction

De-Risking Construction

A rash of construction has failed to solve Germany’s housing shortage crisis, but it has driven up the cost of accommodation dramatically

A shortage of skilled workers not only drives up costs, it delays completions. Costing, planning, and financing for these uncertainties keep all but the most profitable projects from being undertaken.

Fully constructed and 97% finished apartment modules employing cutting edge technology in materials, design, and manufacturing removes these uncertainties, delivering 97% completed apartments to building sites.

Not panels to be pieced together, but fully completed model apartments manufactured using the same industrial techniques which provide the world with German automobiles. Quality, delivered on-time and on-budget. Automatically.

Vertically Integrated

Only Green City

Proprietary Timber Supply-Line

Proprietary Timber Supply-Line

Proprietary Manufacturing Facilities

Proprietary High-quality Manufacturing Expertise

Proprietary Planning and Logistics Expertise

Proprietary Award Winning Design and Engineering Team

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